Additional PPT Lessons

Below are some additional PowerPoint lessons that have been presented at the beginning of our worship services.  We hope that they will prove useful to you, in your own personal studies of God’s word.

If Christ is Our Lord – PPT

Don’t Say That – PPT

Perserverance – PPT

Throne Scene – PPT

Attitude Towards the Word -PPT

The Spirit of Worship – PPT

Autonomy of the Local Church – PPT

Why the Righteous Do Not Beg – PPT

1 Peter 2 verses 11-12 – PPT

Guarding What God has Committed – PPT

In What Are God’s People to be Faithful – Part Two – PPT

Faithfulness in Our Attitudes – PPT

What Does Christ Offer Man – PPT

What is Our Attitude – PPT

Contribution Towards Success – PPT 

Why be Faithful – PPT

Having Boldness to Enter – PPT

Faith Hope and Love – PPT

Are You Growing? – PPT

According to the Pattern – PPT

Equipping the Saints – PPT

What is Evangelism? – PPT

Christmas Celebration Origins and What is Important – PPT

Night with Ebon Pinion – PPT

Why the Lords Church is not a Denomination – PPT

Baptism in Relationship to Salvation – PPT

A Call to Worship – PPT

Make Me a Servant – Part One – PPT

Make Me a Servant – Part Two – PPT

Evangelizing the Lost – PPT

Sin is Not Sin – PPT

Our Hearts will Rejoice – PPT

The Wise Fear God – PPT

A Challenge to Every Member – PPT

What Attending the Services Cannot Do – PPT

What God Weighs when He Judges Men – PPT

A Vow to God – PPT

Abounding in the Work of the Lord – PPT

Three Views of Our Life – PPT

The Objective of Every Parent and Teacher – PPT

Who can We Blame if We are Lost – PPT

The New Testament Church is Important Because – PPT

Fulfilling Our Obligations – PPT

How Great Thy Art (with Customizable Welcome Slides) – PPT

Five Characteristics of a Christian – PPT

The Word Now – PPT

Have You Been Saved – PPT

The Danger of Losing Christ – PPT

The Christian’s Manner of Life – PPT

God is in Control – PPT

Abounding in the Work of the Lord – PPT

Faith-Hope-Love (PPT)

Five Areas of Life (PPT)

Am I Dying (PPT)

Til the Storm Passes By (PPT)

Holiness (PPT)

Faithfulness (PPT)

Brotherly Love (PPT)

Don’t Say That (PPT)

Modesty (PPT)

Preaching (PPT)

Articles of Worship (PPT)

We Are Commanded (PPT)

First Things (PPT)

A Pattern of Good Works (PPT)

A Call to Worship (PPT)

Brevity of Life (PPT)

Contamination (PPT)

Glorious Church (PPT)

Gospel Meeting (PPT)

Characteristics of a Christian (PPT)

Molded Hearts (PPT)

Worship (PPT)

Every Good Gift (PPT)

Christmas (PPT)

Good Works (PPT)

A Blessing to Worship (PPT)

Eternity (PPT)

Separate (PPT)

Correct Attitude (PPT)

Voices (PPT)

What God Sees (PPT)

Five Imperatives (PPT)

How to go Astray (PPT)

Flee and Pursue (PPT)

Attitude (PPT)

Church of Christ (PPT)

Baptism (PPT)

Waiting (PPT)

Inheritance (PPT)

Gospel Meeting (PPT)

Come Let Us Worship (PPT)

Teach Us To… (PPT)

Resurrection (PPT)

Do You Have Enough? (PPT)

Evangelism (PPT)

Christmas (PPT)

Stand Firm and Strong (PPT)

Blessing to Worship (PPT)

Wrong is always Wrong (PPT)

A Better Day (PPT)

What Attending the Service Cannot Do (PPT)

First Things (PPT) 

Net Worth (PPT) 

Leaving One’s First Love (PPT) 

The Lord’s Supper (PPT) 

Lord I Believe (PPT) 

A Call to Worship (PPT) 

Overcoming Disenchantment (PPT) 

Seven Points of Unity (PPT) 

The Threat of Worldliness (PPT)